The Snake Toxin and Antivenom Binding Profiles (STAB Profiles) web application has been created as a supportive tool for research scientists working with snake antivenom research, development, and manufacture. It creates a visual interpretation of which epitopes of a given snake venom toxin, that show a significant binding interaction signal with antibodies from a given antivenom. The information made available in this tool could be combined with knowledge obtained from wet-lab studies, such as antivenomic assessments and neutralization assays, to gain further understanding of toxin-antivenom interactions. The purpose of making this information freely available, for research scientists within the field, is to further the knowledge of antivenom cross-neutralization, specificity, and para-specificity, in hopes of guiding the development of future broad-acting antivenoms with a higher level of efficacy and polyvalence. The binding profile plots produced by the web application illustrate the potential presence of an antivenom-toxin interaction site, if several consecutive peptides are observed to produce a binding signal above the significant level of 1.96 (p < 0.05).