In the group of Tropical Pharmacology and Biotherapeutics, we strive to use scientific research to solve problems around the world. For this reason, several companies have been started by members or alumni from the group. A list of companies started by members or alumni from the group while they were affiliated with the research group is listed below.

VenomAid Diagnostics ApS (2018),

VenomAid Diagnostics ApS is a biotech and medtech company developing diagnostic kits for snakebite envenomings based on antibody technologies.

– Andreas H. Laustsen
– Cecilie Knudsen
– Rasmus U. W. Friis
– Søren Helweg Dam
– Aleksander M. Haack
– Jonas A. Jürgensen

Bactolife ApS (2017),

Bactolife ApS is a biotech company developing protein-based products for prevention and treatment of gastrointestinal infections.

– Andreas H. Laustsen
– Sandra W. Thrane

Chromologics ApS (2017),

Chromologics ApS is a biotech company developing fungal fermentation processes for novel natural colors for use in both food and non-food applications.

– Andreas H. Laustsen

Antag Therapeutics ApS (2017),

Antag Therapeutics ApS is a biotech company developing biotherapeutics against metabolic diseases.

– Andreas H. Laustsen

VenomAb IVS (2013-2018)

VenomAb IVS was a biotech company aiming towards developing novel snakebite antivenoms based on human monoclonal antibodies.

– Andreas H. Laustsen
– Mikael Engmark

Biosyntia ApS (2012),

Biosyntia ApS is a biotech company developing bacterial fermentation solutions for fine and specialty chemicals and novel screening systems based on synthetic biology.

– Andreas H. Laustsen